He Said

The Valley, everyone says that you will be so blown away by the scale of it. The size of El Cap (shown here) didn't blow me away as much as the shear volume of granite and the infinite number of things to climb. I feel like we barely scratched the surface.
Camp 4, is a bit of a ghetto, it even has it's own species of rodent the Scrat (squirrel / rat). We did meet some good blokes however: Hugh and Steve from Schefield England and Willy, Brooks, Max,and Jared from Colardo Springs.
It's always sunny and you will never run out of things to climb. Unfortunately the smoke from the forest fires chased us away before we had tackled everything we wanted to. Another trip has already been discussed.
The Nose. We all known that aid climbing is slow and way too much hard work, but being here makes you want to do it..... maybe just once or twice, any takers?

 She Said

Bring on Yosemite! (I was kidding, you knew that, right?) My new trad climbing skills were not sufficient to tackle this amazing place, the climbing in Yosemite is tough! Doug's miles climbing on Squamish cracks sure came in handy. He shone on one really hard climb in particular, called Outer Limits (2 pitches, 10c or 11a depending on which book you read). Carolyn recomended this one to us- Doug says thank you . . . I suffered . . . very badly. This photo was taken racking up for our first climb, the Nutcracker- stellar route! (Thanks Carolyn!)

Enjoying the alpine meadows, as always. (This is on the hike down from El Cap).

This is how I spend most mornings these days . . . I can still do this when I start med school right?